About Helen Green Ceramix

Helen Green Ceramix, ceramic objects, art and pottery based in Montpellier, France.

Artist Statement

Unique objects

My ceramic objects are all handmade, unique or limited series, earthenware, stoneware or porcelain, depending on the project. They are thrown directly on a potter's wheel or sometimes slip-cast;  fired between 980 and 1280 degrees celcius in an electric kiln or in alternative kilns such as Raku et Pit-firings.

I enjoy finding forms which can be functional, aspiring to finding poetry. Exploring ceramics unites many of the things I find important in life, using natural and warm materials, participating in local production and collaborative projects, finding links with objects and techniques which are centuries old. I tend to call my work 'tai chi in a mud bath' because the act of making is an important part of the process. An element of experimental improvisation seasons the whole.

Biographical Elements

I live and work in Montpellier in the South of France where I studied Fine Arts (BA), History of the Arts (MA) and Archeology, before attending Christina Poisson's clay workshops. I then enjoyed a valuable and enlightening pottery apprenticeship with Nicole Hélène Mentha and received precious advice from Patrick Valent. Since 2015, I have continued my research both in Montpellier and abroad, with a trip to Ghana, staying notably at Peace and Unity Pottery in Vume; mounting a ceramics project and sharing an exciting pit-firing experience with Joel Bennett in California. I have also attended Ilona Romule's masterclass in porcelain at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét (Hungary) and a specialised workshop on high-firing glazes with Pierre Hauwelle based on the methods elaborated by Yvon LeDouget and Daniel de Montmollin at the Institut Européen des Arts Céramiques, (France). All my artistic adventures since 1999 have been thoroughly nourished and enlightened by collaborative work with Alain Mombrini.

Photo:  V.Bartoli

More Clay less Plastic

I am doing my best to use sustainable practices. Other than promoting the clay objects instead of plastic in daily life, I am looking into as many ways as possible to reject plastic from my studio (such as cling-film, plastic bags & tools...).

I am currently replacing cling-film and plastic sheets for drying, with beeswax wraps where possible; also, I am replacing plastic bubble-wrap with Cushion Paper , refusing to use synthetic sponges and more…

Some of my products try to address the issue such as my traditional essential oil diffusers, which do not need electricity or heat source to diffuse oils. I hope to include more objects in this category (air-coolers and heaters!).

I have also joined More Clay Less Plastic for more ideas.

If you have any ideas on this topic to share, please don't hesitate to contact me at helengreenceramix@gmail.com !