Helen Green Ceramix Ghanaian poteries 2016

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Ghanaian Poteries April 2016

April 2016

Snapshots of my explorative visit to potteries in Ghana, notably, the potters’ village Vumë, lying on the spectacular banks of the river Volta, where most of the villagers are potters. 

I was hosted in Vumë for several days by Stephen and Agnes Bonney at Peace and Unity Pottery (on the same site as Michael Cardew’s kiln!). Their large pots are made on a hand-built wheel and fired in hand-built wood-fired kilns, they also use a hand-built pugmill, as do all the potters I visited. Almost everyone in Vumë is involved in making traditional hand-built pots, fired over ground. During the stay I not only made pots but visited the market in Sogakope, Agnes’ farm and enjoyed her fabulous cooking.

Also photos of my visit to William’s pottery in Winneba, which boasts a very welcome and delicately refreshing sea breeze under tall trees (‘Winneba’ comes from ‘windy bay’). Here I was given a tour by William, and his wheel turner Henry, of the site handed down to him by his father. William produces large flower pots but also mining pots in the thousands.

Additionally, photos of a short visit to Ceramica Tamakloe, where Mr Tamakloe showed me his ceramic water filter factory (Filtron), as well as his terracotta bricks and tableware. This was by far the largest site, although these efficient, economic and useful, locally made water filters would benefit from better marketing. 

…plus, a visit to Eric the woodworker’s workshop and a recycled glass, bead making factory, Aburi botanical gardens and Accra downtown…

Most special thanks for their time and generosity to Mathew, Julie, Cynthia, Stephen and Agnes, William, Henry, Mr Tamakloe and Eric.