They Burn Mud Don't They Helen Green Ceramix, Pit Firing San Francisco 2016

Helen Green Ceramix - Art et Poterie en céramique artisanale à Montpellier / Ceramic art and pottery, based in Montpellier, France

'They Burn Mud Don't They

Helen Green Ceramix

'They Burn Mud Don't They' pop-up event at Charlie's Café 3202 Folsom Street, Bernal Heights, San Francisco 20/02/2016

- In the course of Kate Kreps' Exhibit, this installation of ceramic work painted from seaweed and fire, stems from an experiment. What could we do in 2 months, from scratch? Starting without a wheel, no workspace or tools. The project emerged and evolved from the wealth of encounters we enjoyed during our stay. The resulting work was largely made possible thanks to Joel Bennett, to whom we are most grateful. 

The installation is composed of:

  • Pit-fired Vases, Off-centre Bowls and Three More Pots : Pit-fired pieces. The burnished surface, decorated thanks to flames, seaweed and copper carbonate, gives a warmer finish than most glazes and covers the pots with painterly abstract dreamlike landscapes.
  • Architectural Pots : Raku fired pieces made in collaboration with Alain Mombrinie.
  • Ceremonial carafe and 9 Cups : Raku fired pieces… because it is a ritual to bless a firing with a drop of rum & it’s good to share; thanks to Joel Bennett and Alain Mombrinie for adding their touch to the jug and cups.

Postcard design by Alain Mombrinie