Pit Firing 'Terre Brulée' Biranques

Helen Green Ceramix - Art et Poterie en céramique artisanale à Montpellier / Ceramic art and pottery, based in Montpellier, France

'grand piquenique de la Terre Brulée' Biranques

Once a year in the springtime, we host a large pit-firing in Biranques in the South of France called “Terre Brûlée”! We create some clay objects a few weeks ahead of the event and fire them with wood in a pit which leaves us with objects painted with fire.

Create a ceramic object and participate in the spectacular annual pit-firing weekend “Terre Brûlée” ! At Helen Green Ceramix' annual event, Grand Pique-nique de la Terre Brûlée, we pit-fire ceramic objects over two days, in Biranques (Hérault, France). You can simply attend the spectacular weekend firing or make pieces to fire at the workshop in Montpellier ahead of the event.

Helen Green Ceramix Grand Piquenique Terre Brûlée 2017 Overview 21.jpg

Participate in our Workshop over 2 weekends: Weekend 1 in Montpellier - Make a creative ceramic object for the pit-firing; clay, oxides, bisque firing, creative and technical advice included, pot-luck meal. Weekend 2 in Biranques, with a view on the Pic Saint-Loup. Saturday - workshop and loading the pit, pot-luck picnic and a complementary firing beverage until sunset! Sunday - unloading ceramic artwork from the pit followed by a pot-luck picnic.


'grand piquenique de la Terre Brulée' Biranques

Many thanks to all those who have joined us for our annual pit-firing! 

See a vidéo of the event by Rémi Vionnet on Helen Green Ceramix Facebook page.

See some Photos of an event by Rajaneesh Dwivedi. 

See some images of my pieces, painted with fire, by clicking here!

P.P. Helen Green Ceramix Pit-Fired ceramics Terre Brûlée à Biranques édition 2018 (30cmØ)

P.P. Helen Green Ceramix Pit-Fired ceramics Terre Brûlée à Biranques édition 2018 (30cmØ)