Flight of the Dandelion Shells, San Francisco 2016

Flight of the Dandelion Shells - Helen Green in collaboration with Alain Mombrinie and Rajaneesh Dwivedi, San Francisco 2016

Helen Green Ceramix - Art et Poterie en céramique artisanale à Montpellier / Ceramic art and pottery, based in Montpellier, France

'Flight of the Dandelion Shells' San Francisco 2016

A collaborative project with Helen Green, Alain Mombrinie and Rajaneesh Dwivedi. 

Prior to turning to clay as a medium in 2010, exploring degrees of transparency through resin were at the base of Helen Green's sculptural research. A few years later these sculptures became the focus of a photography project by Rajaneesh Dwivedi, which brought them to life by means of a specially designed light box. Then, in 2016 Alain Mombrinie added some poetry to some of the photographic prints with ink stains and the following poem:

Nomadic thighs at Circumstance Falls, if paradise crumble foddered your demise you’d be sandalled, suitcase and blister.

Walkers stomaching retrained umbrellas as reasonable forecasts shower pinstriped assimilation quotas commemorating forgotten slaughters in aegean transit aquariums.

Ahoy drift of abdicated headstones, trespass the puddle afloat closed doormats… Davy Jones welcomes rafts.

Wanton eyepatchery from the mariner’s crow-perch, as misfortune’s roulette spawns our siblings’ last gasps… stuff of taxidermy dust for sunday’s tabloid porn & rattled tea anxiety!

Pretend a whim of larva had say ‘bout butterfly’s glitter yet what choice have we of womb & crib?

Gone damned with the winds my dears, your journeys worthy of courage’s awe! 

If any of us had started life elsewhere than luck had it, ponder… what refugee status might be yours?
— Alain Mombrinie, 2016